How to disable mouse on android box

Opened 7 years ago. Last modified 6 years ago. When mouse integration is enabled, the host-side mouse pointer is disabled and the guest OS is responsible for drawing it.

This works well for desktop OSes. However, I recently tried to run Android x86 in a VM. Being designed primarily for touch input, it does not provide a local mouse pointer at least with mouse integration enabled.

how to disable mouse on android box

Everything works well - if I move the mouse into the window, aim blindly and click, the UI will respond to the click - but since the mouse pointer is invisible, I cannot see where I am about to click. If I disable mouse integration, Android will draw a mouse pointer - this works, but is less convenient. Therefore I'd like to have this option - I suppose it's not too hard to implement can be a config option in the VM settings causing the cursor not to be hidden when mouse integration is enabled but would make things a bit more comfortable.

I assume that you are using the absolute pointing device emulation with Android. Actually we report the device as an absolute mouse, not as a touch screen, and Android should see that and draw a pointer. I suggest that you report this as an Android problem and if the Android people are not happy about that point them to this ticket or us to their one so that we can discuss it directly.

I too have this issue - Android x86 DOES include a visible mouse cursor - the issue is it has some sort of mouse acceleration, which leads to the non-visible host cursor, and guest cursor, not synchronizing in position. What happens is they are aligned properly when the mouse is moved very slowly, but if within the window the mouse is moved rapidly, they will offset, and the host mouse will stop controlling the virtual mouse, leaving the frame, before the virtual mouse reaches the edge of the frame.

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This happens very easily and makes it entirely unusable with mouse integration off. As well, even if they were synchronized, when running multiple instances of Android x86, quickly clicking across several, it is not a solution to have to use an extra click to first transfer focus to that instance.

Therefore, the best method is with mouse integration enabled, and with an option to have the host cursor visible. There is no reason to force it to be hidden; Is there a known quick workaround to make a windows mouse cursor unhidable? That sounds rather wrong. If Android is properly using the absolute mouse then there should never be an offset between host and guest cursor, as we report absolute co-ordinates.

That did happen with old X. Org versions X. Org 7. Is your Android guest system properly set up? I also find that this option is needed. Android x86 v2.

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A simple solution, that is generic beyond this specific OS, would be a VirtualBox per-VM configuration option to not hide the pointer. Quick and dirty temporary fix for VirtualBox 4. This disables pointer changing probably in more cases than needed.

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You may end up with the window resize pointer if you're not quick enough to enter the VM window, but some pointer is better than no pointer. I have a notebook no VMs and a desktop with 2 VMs.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

More and more, people are starting to discover that tablets make decent productivity tools. With devices like the Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro becoming more popular, you may be looking to create something similar with your Android device. Setting up a Bluetooth keyboard with Android is very easy. Then, turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and put it into pairing mode.

If it is, you will need to unpair it before it will work with your Android device. You probably know you can use your keyboard to type out emails, blog posts, or whatever other longform text you want. But your keyboard can do more than type. So where does Android fall in terms of baked-in keyboard commands?

That said, it does make some concessions to physical keyboards. In other words, you can get around Android fairly well without having to lift your hands off the keys, but you will still have to tap the screen regularly unless you add a mouse. For example, you can wake your device by tapping a key rather than pressing its power button.

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You get the idea. The one thing you can always do is search. Any time you want to Google something, start typing from the Home screen and the search screen will automatically open and begin displaying results. Also, if you have designated volume function keys, those will probably work too. There are also some dedicated shortcuts that launch apps like calculator, Gmail, and a few others:. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate your Home screen shortcuts and open the app drawer.

how to disable mouse on android box

When something on the screen is selected, it will be highlighted. While custom keyboard shortcuts were actually a part of the system back in the Gingerbread days, that is sadly no longer the case. It is called External Keyboard Helper EKHand while there is a free demo versionthe pay version is only a few bucks. You can have up to 16 custom application shortcuts. You can do this for any number of apps, services, and settings. As you can now see, the Facebook app has now been linked to application-zero A0 :.

When you choose to create a custom layout, you can do a great many more things with your keyboard. A word of advice: the application automatically remaps certain keys when you create a custom layout.

This might mess up some existing keyboard combos. Easy peasy. Among other things, EKH also supports dozens of languages, and allows you to quickly switch between layouts using a key or combo, add up to 16 custom text shortcuts, and much more. More extensive documentation on how to use the app is also available. You can buy an iPad, Pixel C, or any other Android tablet and never need another accessory or peripheral—they work as intended right out of the box.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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how to disable mouse on android box

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes.I have a question, Are you planning the Android mouse cursor hiding option? Android 7. ScummVM latestand beta Uae4arm amiga emulator I tested both versions,and working perfect on my phone,and on my tablet. After the clicking,the pointer jumps over cm the clicking position. Thank you for information, I somehow missed this information, and works mouse on Android 7 exactly like on pc?

Or only black cursor can be hidden. Will try explain. There are two issues with physical mouse on android :. Black cursor could not be hidden 2. That how android sends mouse coordinates.

On desktop pc if you move cursor to border of screen and you still move mouse, then system still sends new and new coordinates. You dont have any problem with physical mouse. But android stops sending new cootdinates if you reach border with black cursor.

How To Disable Mouse Cursor Change In Windows 10

This means that mouse cursor wont move anymore to the side where black cursor reached border. Currently mDosbox uses Android Api 21 android 5. To get higher to android 7. It must be done, but I was not hurry, because newer android version dont offer nothing interesting — only problems. But if android fixed problems with physical mouse then there is good reason to go higher. People did it on rooted phones.

Tested on Oneplus3 — Android 7.

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I just thought about asking this function, before buying the Magic Dosbox. Thank you. Is not possible compare magic dosbox with dosbox turbo, both goes on own way.

But if hiding cursor is the main future what you need, then I am sorry, but it can be done after I solve new storage permissions introduced in android 6, no sooner. Then it will be easy.This tutorial explains how to disable mouse cursor change in Windows Normally, we can access Mouse Properties and change default mouse cursor using scheme drop down menu available in Pointers tab. There are different pointers available in built-in and 3rd party schemes.

However, you can hide Pointers tab using any of these two methods. You can anytime unhide Pointers tab and change mouse pointer in Windows In the screenshot below, you can clearly see that earlier Pointers tab was visible where different mouse pointers are available to choose from. However, after applying the changes, Pointers tab is hidden to prevent changing the mouse cursor in Windows If you are using Windows 10 Pro and other editions, then you can try this method as well as the second method covered in this tutorial.

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Still, the second method will be useful for Windows 10 Home users. Step 3: You will find dozens of options on the right side. Step 4: A big window will open. In that window, you will see three different options: Not Configured, Disabled, and Enabled. Select Enabled option and then use Apply and OK buttons. This confirms that you want to disable mouse cursor change in Windows 10 PC.

You can open Mouse Properties and then you will see that Pointers tab is hidden. Later, when you want to access pointer schemes to change mouse cursor, then you can select Not Configured option in Prevent changing mouse pointers window and save your changes. This method is handy for all Windows 10 Home users as well as users running other editions of Windows Step 2: Jump to the Windows key in Registry Editor. Step 3: You will find Personalization key under Windows key.

It will create new key. Save changes and access Mouse Properties window.

how to disable mouse on android box

You will see that Pointers tab is not available. When you need to change mouse cursor, you can simply delete Personalization key.

It will bring the Pointers tab in Mouse Properties again.When your laptop keyboard breaks, perhaps you spilled your drink all over your keyboard, or it is simply too uncomfortable to type on, you may need to disable it so you can use an external keyboard either Bluetooth or USB. There are a couple ways to do so.

Other online guides go into real coding depth to disable your keyboard and that may be something that is a little intimidating to you. This guide will feature easy ways to disable your keyboard either temporarily or permanently, depending on your needs. Disabling your keyboard will be different depending on your OS as well. When your laptop restarts, Windows will notice the missing driver and automatically install the generic version of it.

This means that after a restart, your keyboard will be enabled again and you will have to perform this fix once again to disable it. To stop Windows from automatically reinstalling the driver, see Method 1 of the Permanently disable keyboard section. Use this method while you have your external keyboard and mouse plugged in. This is because you have essentially installed a wrong driver in place of the correct one.

Windows will see that there is a driver there and pass over it, assuming it is the correct driver. Once this is done, follow Method 1 at the top of this post. This method works because it stops your Windows from automatically reinstalling your disabled driver when you restart.

Mac does not have as many options to disable the keyboard as Windows does. Your options are quite limited when your Mac keyboard goes awry but you can still get away with disabling it temporarily.

The best solution for Mac users is to use KeyboardCleanera third party app available for Mac that allows you to disable and reenable your keyboard whenever you need to. Hopefully you can make use of this well made app when your keyboard goes on the fritz. This method only partially disables the keyboard, leaving some keys enabled so you can use the mouse. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable a Mac keyboard permanently as with Windows.

Our best suggestion is to use KeyboardCleaner over the Mouse Keys method, as it allows you to disable the entire keyboard whenever you need to and turn it back on whenever you want. Table of Contents shows. Method 2: Using Accessibility Settings.

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Article by: Jordan Noland. Leave this field empty.Enable Mouse-Capture? But a lot of different OS'es now support hot corners to initiate certain functionality, which doesn't work or is a bit hard to use when the mouse can just be moved from the guest OS into the main OS without hitting the host key. So I am asking if it's possible to Enable mouse capture in the guest OS. And by that I mean, if I were to click my mouse on the guest OS, the mouse will be captured, and the only way to leave is to click the host key.

I've tried to disable mouse integration but that results in the mouse becoming invisible when in the guest os. I'm running Mac OS X Re: Enable Mouse-Capture?

How to Disable a Laptop Keyboard (windows & Mac)

If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. If I switch it off, the cursor becomes visible when captured, but the performance of the whole VM is way too slow, stutters and is in general unusable. So I'm stuck with mouse capture and a visible cursor AND utterly useless performance OR no mouse capture and a visible cursor and awesome performance.

Not an acceptable compromise if you ask me. Does anyone know of a way to enable mouse capture, whilst keeping the 3D Acceleration enabled AND having a visible cursor? If the guest additions are installed mouse integration works perfectly and has for at least the 5 years I've been using VirtualBox on umpteen Linux guests. Those that can count and those that can't. Having both at the same time doesn't work for me. Are you saying it works for you?

As soon as I let my mouse get captured when I have those settings, the mouse cursor disappears. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. That's the whole point. Board index All times are UTC. Get VirtualBox.

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